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Let the Halo effect not take over your finances!

November 7, 2019

Post Views: 35 How often is that you chose someone for a particular task just because he is nice and end up making a bad choice? This is the phenomenon of Halo effect where one attribute of a person overshadows the other attributes and influences the decisions we take. The attribute niceness of your partner […]

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Timing the Market

How To Make ‘Time In The Market’ Work For You

September 13, 2019

Post Views: 374 We have heard this phrase many times that time in the market is more important than timing the market. Time and again we hear this from many in the investment industry. Instead of blindly following the saying without putting much thought, let’s delve deeper into its wisdom and understand how relevant it […]

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Aligned Interest

Three Qualities of a Successful Investment Adviser

September 10, 2019

Post Views: 544 Investment management is never a part-time activity but a full-time job. Quality investment management is much more than selecting schemes from star-rating websites or buying a stock based on little insights. It requires not just sophisticated skill-set for asset allocation calls (across asset classes, sub-categories, and schemes), the temperament to keep emotions […]

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bull vs bear

Is it a Structural or Cyclical Correction?

August 27, 2019

Post Views: 639 As I am writing this piece, I am sure many are already aware of the issues impacting the global economy – a global slowdown, trade wars, and burgeoning debt; and issues affecting the domestic economy – falling consumption, NBFC led confidence/liquidity crisis and constrained fiscal space. Many, however, are unable to understand […]

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The Curious Case of a Doctor’s Finances

June 17, 2019

Post Views: 434 There are more than 8.4 million doctors in India today, contributing to annual growth of a phenomenal 16-17% of the hospital industry. If the spends on healthcare are increasing, so are the earnings. But while the doctors take care of our physical health and fitness, they need to ensure the fitness and good health […]

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Is Fear of Missing Out playing on your mind?

June 4, 2019

Post Views: 525 Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy. – Warren Buffet  Indian stock markets have taken a good leap forward after the exit polls declared the return of  NaMo led NDA with a stronger mandate. This has bolstered the confidence of bulls on the back of expected […]

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Myths Busted: All You Need To Know About SIP

June 1, 2019

Post Views: 742 ‘Should I continue my SIP or stop?’, Owing to the recent market conditions, this is one question a lot of investors have asked and a question we have heard far too many times. But here’s a fact. The mutual fund industry in India added ~9.15 Lacs new SIPs every month of last […]

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Personal Finance

5 Most Avoidable Mistakes when Planning Personal Finance

May 8, 2019

Post Views: 835 Despite the various reading material available in digital and print media nowadays, there really cannot be the one ideal guide for financial planning. What you invest in and how, is directly proportional to your goals in life, your willingness to take risks, your age and the corpus you have created. There is […]

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