Financial Planning


The Curious Case of a Doctor’s Finances

June 17, 2019

Post Views: 514 There are more than 8.4 million doctors in India today, contributing to annual growth of a phenomenal 16-17% of the hospital industry. If the spends on healthcare are increasing, so are the earnings. But while the doctors take care of our physical health and fitness, they need to ensure the fitness and good health […]

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Personal Finance

5 Most Avoidable Mistakes when Planning Personal Finance

May 8, 2019

Post Views: 971 Despite the various reading material available in digital and print media nowadays, there really cannot be the one ideal guide for financial planning. What you invest in and how, is directly proportional to your goals in life, your willingness to take risks, your age and the corpus you have created. There is […]

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Why financial planning is important?

Financial Planning- a marriage between your goals and investments

April 4, 2019

Post Views: 897 There are arguments against financial planning that say it makes you take life too seriously. Well, unless you are born into the King’s family, we suggest it is rather prudent to take life seriously! Another wrong notion here is about the amount of corpus (read large) you must have, to begin planning […]

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Retirement Corpus

What is the best time to prepare for the retirement?

October 29, 2018

Post Views: 1,178 A study of 1,000 senior citizens conducted by LendEDU in the US reveals the biggest regret among elders in not saving enough for retirement. The concerns are not much different from what can be witnessed in urban India. The situation may be worse in India since financial literacy is very poor compared […]

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Why buying a house early in your career is not a good idea?

June 29, 2018

Post Views: 2,306 When Sharma Ji ka ladka gets a job with a decent salary, he is urged by his parents to buy a house as soon as possible on loan and pay EMIs. There is a traditional mindset of having own house which percolates from parents to their young generation. What was right in old days […]

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