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Is it a Structural or Cyclical Correction?

August 27, 2019

Post Views: 734 As I am writing this piece, I am sure many are already aware of the issues impacting the global economy – a global slowdown, trade wars, and burgeoning debt; and issues affecting the domestic economy – falling consumption, NBFC led confidence/liquidity crisis and constrained fiscal space. Many, however, are unable to understand […]

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Is Fear of Missing Out playing on your mind?

June 4, 2019

Post Views: 602 Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy. – Warren Buffet  Indian stock markets have taken a good leap forward after the exit polls declared the return of  NaMo led NDA with a stronger mandate. This has bolstered the confidence of bulls on the back of expected […]

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Crude prices

What Is Causing Market Panic And How To Deal With It?

October 6, 2018

Post Views: 1,790 Sensex has declined by 12% from its all-time high of 38,989. BSE Mid Cap Index and BSE Small Cap Index are down by 24% & 31% respectively from its peak level. Many people who get carried away in the bullish market sentiments turned speculators and are now feeling the pain. In this communiqué, […]

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Liquidity, QT & Investment Strategy

June 15, 2018

Post Views: 827 Liquidity is a powerful force that drives stock markets higher but doesn’t guarantee the upward trend over the long term. It is very difficult to even predict the timing of the reversal of liquidity. Should an investor thus take liquidity for granted knowing very well that the reversal of the trend is […]

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Wisdom of Smart Investor

September 1, 2017

Post Views: 525 We came across an excellent piece regarding lessons that make you a smart investor based on investment style of Howard Mark- one of the most respected investment managers globally having a long proven track record. His firm manages around USD 99 billion in assets. His investment philosophy corroborates with our investment philosophy […]

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Patience in Investing

July 29, 2017

Post Views: 702 When the arch bear turns bull, it is time to start worrying in the stock market! Thus goes the saying. Suddenly, everyone has tips and multi-bagger ideas. This is a clear warning sign that a correction is due. Sensex has crossed all time high level of 32,000 (a growth of 19% + YTD) […]

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Institutionalization, GST & Earnings

June 12, 2017

Post Views: 611 The good part about Indian stock market is that it is getting more and more institutionalized. Many people are choosing mutual funds and PMS products to channelize their savings instead of putting money directly in stocks. The number of active SIPs has almost doubled in the last 3 years from ~65 lakhs […]

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Are you an investor or a speculator?

May 4, 2017

Post Views: 620 Are you an investor or a speculator? There is a clear difference between the two but these differences get overlapped sometimes. As the markets have reached all time highs, there are varied emotions in the investment community. There is clearly a divided camp. Some are very bullish and others are cautious. The […]

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