Wealth Management

Timing the Market

How To Make ‘Time In The Market’ Work For You

September 13, 2019

Post Views: 478 We have heard this phrase many times that time in the market is more important than timing the market. Time and again we hear this from many in the investment industry. Instead of blindly following the saying without putting much thought, let’s delve deeper into its wisdom and understand how relevant it […]

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Aligned Interest

Three Qualities of a Successful Investment Adviser

September 10, 2019

Post Views: 768 Investment management is never a part-time activity but a full-time job. Quality investment management is much more than selecting schemes from star-rating websites or buying a stock based on little insights. It requires not just sophisticated skill-set for asset allocation calls (across asset classes, sub-categories, and schemes), the temperament to keep emotions […]

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Sensex PE

Market Cycles & Investment Lessons from History

January 16, 2019

Post Views: 1,346 What we have learned from history is that people don’t learn from history. And that is the reason why a majority of investors do not earn good returns from their investments over the long term. Those who make superb returns on their investment are good students of market history and have learned […]

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Why Conflict of Interest Exists

How conflict of interest ruins your investment returns?

July 31, 2018

Post Views: 806 Have you ever wondered why your relationship manager is always eager to recommend buying an equity or balanced mutual fund scheme and rarely recommend switching to debt mutual funds? Did it occur to you why the new fund offers (NFOs) with no track record are pushed while schemes with similar objective and […]

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How to use Risk vs Return to our advantage

March 27, 2018

Post Views: 655 An ideal portfolio objective must capture risk and return objective of clients very clearly. For long-term investment success, risk and returns both play a crucial role. However, the risk is more important as it is in our control, returns are not. Unfortunately, for an average investor returns become more important in a bull […]

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Price v/s Value

Price vs Value

February 15, 2018

Post Views: 1,107 Indians are very good at buying stuff which can offer best value for money. We would buy clothes when there is a discount sale. Many rush to buy groceries in Big Bazaar on Wednesday. We are happy to enjoy happy hours in bars and prefer visiting restaurants which offer great experience compared […]

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Risk vs. Volatility – Aren’t these same?

April 17, 2017

Post Views: 453 For many investors, risk and volatility means almost the same. Many analysts also use these terms interchangeably and ambiguously. But do you really know that there is a big difference between these two terms. One can destroy your wealth while other can multiply your wealth. Follow below to know the real difference: […]

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Investor Behaviour & Inefficient Markets

October 15, 2016

Post Views: 643 Market efficiency assumes all investors have the same information, interpret it the same, and make the same forecasts. This would imply that all assets are priced efficiently (i.e. there is no bias in stock prices). However, people develop investment decisions making rules through experiment, trial and error, or personal experience. Rather than […]

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