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Myths Busted: All You Need To Know About SIP

June 1, 2019

Post Views: 903 ‘Should I continue my SIP or stop?’, Owing to the recent market conditions, this is one question a lot of investors have asked and a question we have heard far too many times. But here’s a fact. The mutual fund industry in India added ~9.15 Lacs new SIPs every month of last […]

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How to read the Riskometer in mutual fund product ads?

March 25, 2019

Post Views: 667 Since 2013, SEBI has been trying to police the way mutual funds are being presented to the investors, trying to make it increasingly transparent. At first, there were the color-coded risk-profilers that came along with the mutual funds. But in 2015, SEBI probably thought the investors were having to indulge in a […]

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how to select debt mutual fund

How to choose a Debt Mutual Fund?

September 27, 2018

Post Views: 1,141 In the current scenario, when fixed deposits are providing paltry interest rates, many savers are desperately looking for alternative investment avenues that come with lower volatility, a reasonable degree of safety and higher post-tax returns. Due to its tax efficient structure, debt mutual funds are rapidly gaining prominence among Indian investors. Debt […]

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Interest Rates

Impact of volatile Interest Rates on Debt Mutual Funds

September 15, 2018

Post Views: 683 In the past few months, on the back of rising crude oil and the depreciating currency, there has been a spurt in market interest rates which spooked many debt fund investors. The historical returns on investment done in the period of the last 18 months have been showing unimpressive returns leading to […]

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Past performance is a misleading indicator of future returns

August 24, 2018

Post Views: 1,246 For many investors, the easiest way to select a mutual fund scheme for investment is to look at its historical returns. Many investors and their advisers use past returns to extrapolate the future performance. Even popular star rating websites give much higher weight-age to past performance for mutual funds rankings. However, this […]

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Why not to invest in close ended products?

June 24, 2017

Post Views: 455 Of late there have been queries from some of our clients regarding investment in some newly launched close ended mutual funds products. We squarely advised them not to invest money in these products. We thought of educating investors regarding close ended products, why they are launched and why they are recommended by […]

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NAV Myth – Are you falling for the trap?

April 10, 2017

Post Views: 457 Does Net Asset Value (NAV) of mutual funds matter? Many investors believe it does matter. Yesterday, we had a conversation with a prospective client and we recommended some schemes which we believed were suitable for his investment objectives. The next question he asked was “What is the NAV of the scheme?” This […]

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